Hopi, AZ

Tribal leaders estimate that about 75% of people living on Hopi Nation land are drinking arsenic-tainted water. This naturally occurring chemical is common in groundwater throughout the Southwest United States. Thousands of Hopi Nation residents affected by this exposure are at an increased of cancer. 

Amaru School Filter

Huascahura, Peru

At least three million people in Peru lack access to clean drinking water. Partnering with World Vision in 2012, Clean Water Foundation installed a Villager model water filtration system at Tupac Amaru II School in Huascahura. We continue to raise funds to donate filtration systems to communities in Peru. 

Lusaka, Zambia

In a country with one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, about a third of Zambians still lack access to clean drinking water. Lusaka’s cholera outbreak in 2017/2018 highlighted the sanitation crisis in the country. The Protector Ultra household water filtration systems provided by Clean Water Foundation are proven to reduce or remove 99.99% of bacteria and viruses with a low cost of ownership. 

Kids with Signs 2


While most Cambodians have access to groundwater, much of it is contaminated with various industrial contaminants, aresenic, E. coli and more. Placing filtration systems in schools and homes provide thousands of children access to clean drinking water.